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Dan Waldron Oboe Reeds

Premium oboe reed

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These reeds will be made from scratch just for you, allowing you to customize aspects of the design. These reeds will take longer to be ready because I make them individually for your order. Depending on my performance schedule and other reed orders your customized reeds might take 2 to 6 weeks to be ready. If you just want my best all-around reeds, try my professional reeds first.


  • Chiarugi 2+: my standard staple, an excellent all-around staple with a big sound. My preferred staple for Loreé, Howarth and Yamaha oboes.
  • Chiarugi 2+ Nickel-silver: made of harder metal, these staples are very similar to the Chiarugi 2+ but may have more projection and resistance.
  • Chiarugi 2+ thinwall: my newest experimental addition, these staples make very responsive reeds with a bright, expressive sound.
  • Chudnow E: all-metal staples with a rubber o-ring instead of cork.
  • Chiarugi 2: smaller bore than the 2+. Worth trying on Marigaux and non-ak Loree oboes.


  • RDG -1: Stable, easy to play, good tone and ease of control. This is the narrowest shape I use.
  • Joshua +2: Medium-narrow American shape. Good for pitch stability. A tiny bit wider than the RDG at the tip but less curve. Can be a fix for oboes with a saggy mid-register C.
  • Pfeiffer-Mack: More flared at the tip than the other shapes. Reeds on this shape require more control in the upper register but have a very colourful sound full of expressive potential.
  • Caleb -1: More curved in the back than the Joshua but without the tip flare of the Pfeiffer-Mack. Provides reeds with a huge sound with plenty of depth and dynamic range.


  • My thread colours change seasonally. Contact me for current options.

If these design options are less important to you or you need reeds quickly try my Professional Reeds instead.