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Dan Waldron Oboe Reeds

Cane Clip

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These clips are an aid in tying oboe reeds; use them to hold the cane in position on the staple while you line everything up for an accurate tie. They make managing the cane, staple, mandrel, ruler and thread simultaneously much easier. 

Inaccurate tying is one of the biggest causes of failed reeds for newer reed-makers. In combination with this clips try using a set of digital calipers to measure your tying length more accurately than is possible with a ruler. Don’t waste cane! Tie a great reed every time!

Unlike other designs of clip these clips are compatible with American style reeds with slipped blades. It attaches to the cane below the thread.

Cane clips are 3d-printed in non-toxic PLA. Each should be good for a few dozen reeds. A set of 5 should last most reed-makers a long time.