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Dan Waldron Oboe Reeds

Knife wedges

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This set of wedges ensures consistency and accuracy when sharpening your double hollow ground reed knife. Use them to set the angle your knife touches the stone at when sharpening. Used correctly, you can keep your knives sharper and they will last longer.

This guide is intended as an aid in aligning your knife on the stone that does not travel with your knife when sharpening. I've had better results with these guides than with a jig that attaches to the knife. It is made on a 3d printer out of PLA plastic.

Basic set:
- 8 multicoloured angle guides that should fit most hollow ground knives. Angles 8-26 degrees.

Expansion pack:
- By popular request, these are used for knives with very wide blades or that have previously been sharpened at a higher angle. Contains 3 additional pieces supporting angles up to 38 degrees.

Combined set:
- Includes all 11 wedges.