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Dan Waldron Oboe Reeds

Student oboe reed

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I'm making more of these reeds and will have them ready soon. Estimated back order time: 3 weeks.

Please contact me for more information.

A hand-made oboe reed. These reeds use the same high-quality materials as my Professional Reeds but at the final play test and adjustment I optimize them for ease of playing, possibly at the expense of some dynamic range. These reeds are optimized to perform best for less experienced players or anyone who prefers an easy-to-play reed.

  • Every reed is hand scraped and individually tested.
  • Each reed is numbered for quality control.
  • From my nearly-finished hand hand-made reeds I choose the ones with a smaller opening and adjust them for ease of response and stability.
  • The result is a consistent product that is easy to play and, most importantly, plays in tune!

Length: 70mm
Pitch: A=440hz
Cane: Rigotti 10.5mm
Staple: Chiarugi 2+ 47mm
Shape: Caleb -1
Gouge: Driscoll 60/48