New Product: Cane Clips

New Product: Cane Clips

I’ve been using test versions of these for a few months and they’re a game changer if you plan on making a lot of reeds. These small plastic clips hold the cane in place on the staple while you get everything in position for tying on. They are compatible with American reed styles with slipped blades, which other clip designs interfere with.

They let you do one of the trickier parts of reed making more quickly, more accurately, and with less stress or frustration than otherwise. I think they’d also make a great teaching too.

The clips are made of PLA, a non toxic plastic derived from vegetable products. They are not going to be super long-lasting. In my tests a clip will can be re used dozens or even hundreds of times, but will eventually distort. I’m selling them in a pack of 5, which should be enough to last most reed reedmakers a long time!

Cane clips are now available on my store here.

If you try them out please let me know how they work out for you!