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  • four professional reeds
  • oboe reed, backlit
  • one oboe reed with purple thread
  • three oboe reeds with sheet music in the background
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Dan Waldron Oboe Reeds

Professional oboe reed

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I'm making more of these reeds and will have them ready soon. Estimated back order time: 3 weeks.

Please contact me for more information.


A hand made oboe reed with a large dynamic range and warm, expressive tone. These are reeds I would play myself. They are designed to perform best for an experienced player with a well-developed embouchure and plenty of air support.

  • Length: 70mm
  • Pitch: A=440hz
  • Cane: Rigotti 10.5mm
  • Staple: Chiarugi 2+ 47mm
  • Shape: Caleb -1
  • Gouge: Driscoll 60/48

If you wish to customize these design parameters further check out my new Premium Reeds.